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Products are widely used in electronic appliances
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Four major advantages

Strong company strength

The company was founded in 2003, the development of manufacturing sales as one, with the most advanced equipment, the use of ERP system management, factory professional and technical personnel of the company's total staff of 20 percent.

Good market image

The company's products are widely used in PC POWER green lighting industrial control communications equipment, and other fields, customers at home and abroad famous long manufacturers, in Dongguan, Dongguan, Fujian, Shanghai have offices.

Perfect quality system

Teng Hua Tai rigorous production and processing, the factory passed the ISO9001 quality certification, ISO14001 environmental management system certification, all products through the SGS test, in line with ROHS and REACH1907, EC48 standards

A good after-sales service

Perfect after-sales service, so you never worry about. Covering the nationwide after-sales service network system, so you always find us! Professional service team, one to one technical guidance, to provide you with professional services


Shenzhen Teng Huatai Electronics Co., Ltd. is an electronic components, resistors, capacitors, diodes, transistors, IC and other products of the wholesale distribution of the limited liability company. Shenzhen Teng Huatai Electronics Co., Ltd. operating the electronic components, resistors........



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What is a diode?
Diodes, electronic components, a device with two electrodes, only allows the current flow from a single direction, many of the use of its rectifier .....
the test method of the diode
observe the symbol on the shell. Normally the diode is marked with a diode symbol, one end with a triangular arrow is positive and the other end is a negative pole......